Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time Travel

This past weekend my parent's and I took the 3 kids to Cucumber Hill Farm in Foster, RI. A local farm offering a corn maze, wagon rides and fall decor. The kids were excited to do the corn maze but I was more excited to finally get an up close view of the place I have only known as "the Farm"; the place where my parents met and fell in love. They were only 15 years old and it's really a very sweet love story but I won't bore you with the details. My mother was brought there by her sister who had married into the owner of the farms family and my
father lived up the road from the farm and needed a job. It was fun to listen to the stories of their youth and to watch their eyes glance at each other when they would point out certain things. My parents both had a hand in making this farm what it is today, they picked rocks out of fields, helped build milking rooms and barn additions.On our tour we took the kids through their first corn maze. The theme was "Road Trip", you had to answer riddles and find 8 US cities. The kids mostly enjoyed running along the paths:) The horse drawn carriage ride was relaxing and gave my parents a chance to share more of the farm with us and the kids got a chance to rest their legs.We ended our day with pictures next to the decorated tractor.My parents will be married 35 years on the 12th of this month and I hope they enjoyed their trip back in time. I know I am grateful to have seen the place where it all began!

......... Call me sentimental and a little korny but it must have been really amazing to take your daughter and your 3 grandchildren to the place where you found each other:)
  Happy Anniversay Mom & Dad!!                         


  1. This farm looks very familiar, I feel like I've been through that corn maze on my Big Wheel!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Cheryl and Mitch.
    Maryann and Brian