Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ian starts off his morning with some color theory, he discovered what color red & blue make when mixed together. The rest of the day he pointed out things to me that were purple:) While Ian was painting Harrison became acquainted with one of the Reading Rainforest residents....Mr. Snakey Snake. For some reason all the kids love to be wrapped up with this snake. For a short time Ian would only fall asleep if Snakey Snake was wrapped around him. gives me the creeps but I put on the brave "Mommy face" any time we see a snake in the yard:) After snack we bundled up and headed outside...what a beautiful Autumn day! The back yard is covered in a multi-colored blanket of fall leaves and Ian loved the sounds his feet made while running through them. I admit I took a few passes through them as well:) We spent some time gathering twigs for an art project that we will be doing tomorrow. It took me a minute to find the right words to help Ian understand the difference between a stick and a twig. Everett is choosing to walk more now then crawl and he spends his time be-bopping up & down the sidewalk while we wait for Eeva to get off the bus. He was so mad a me this morning when I put this hat on him....he has no idea how darn cute he looks in it:) Eeva & Ian helped fill the bird feeders this afternoon.... the squirrels will be happy as well since we had a few spills during the filling process:) Harrison was very content just to swing while outside today and almost nodded off a few times. He seems to enjoy being the wallflower, soaking up the days events.

Deep in the forest, where a mighty oak
Flings grateful shadow over a wandering stream,
Where tall ferns nod, and velvet mosses creep,
I love to lie and dream

Take some time to notice the season that is unfolding all around us!

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