Saturday, October 24, 2009

Matthew's 5th Birthday

Ian & Bella making cupcakes for their fellow Nester's birthday. They both liked cracking the eggs & running the beater:)

The Birthday Boy! Matt was so surprised that we had cupcakes for his special day . Happy Birthday Matt, hope 5 is great !

Everett can't wait for the next birthday! He really needed a bath after his cupcake but had to settle for a quick wipe down.

Nick climbing "elephant foot".

Our little gymnast....Eeva can find a balance beam anywhere even in the forest:)

Ian sits and takes a break from stick gathering...he has a rather large collection forming.

Motherbird's view of the little ones during our nature walk:)

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  1. I am loving the "bird's eye-view" picture! I couldn't be happier that Harrison is able to experience all that The Nest has to offer! The best part of all is that I know he is safe, happy and having fun with you. Thanks for all you do, Nicole