Friday, October 9, 2009


A peaceful Wednesday morning with the boys.....until the bucket of cars was discovered:) All three boys played so well together on this mat with cars, trucks, construction equipment, fire trucks & even a taxi. I was amazed at how well the younger two could make the "truck sounds". I wonder if that is just something they are born with. Ian's trucks had a story line, Everett's trucks kept crashing into one another or some how ending up at the other end of the living room (he has quite an arm) and Baby Harrison quickly learned how to push the car back & forth on the mat by imitating the Stone boys. My boys are obsessed with all things containing a motor...wheels optional. I can't tell you how many times a day I get corrected by my 3 year old for calling the backhoe a bulldozer or yelling out "look at that Mack" and he yells back " MOM that's a Peterbeilt". The crazy thing is....on the rare occasion that I'm on the road without the boys I find myself noticing all the Mack's, Car Haulers, Cement Mixers, Cranes & construction equipment and I whisper to myself  "oh the boys would have liked to see that".
Ian's favorite book this week is Seymour Simon's Book of TRUCKS.  It's a must read for all of you with truck loving kids:)

Trucks push and pull. They dig and dump.
They sweep and shovel. They carry and crush.
Everyday. Everywhere
~Seymour Simon

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