Friday, October 23, 2009

Eeva-Liisa's 1st Fieldtrip

On a beautiful Fall day I joined Eeva's Kindergarten class on their first fieldtrip of the year. We arrived at Confreda Farms in Hope, RI early Wednesday morning. Eeva and I sat together on the bus and I had a chance to chat with her & the other 3 girls in her class. Yes, out of 17 children there are only 4 girls in her class. We talked about our favorite movies, which princess we liked best and of course Barbie:( Although I'm not a huge fan of Barbie or what Disney has done to the classic fairytales I enjoyed listening to what the girls had to say.You can tell a lot about a five year old by which princess is thier favorite. Upon arriving at the Farm a older gentleman dressed as a farmer climbed aboard the bus, welcomed us & gave us our intinery. We got off the bus and climbed into a wagon pulled by a John Deer....Ian would have been in his glory:) The farm is large and beautiful. Our driver stopped a few times, picked a vegatable and quized the kids. We were able to view a cabbage, beet, pepper and corn up close. Some of the kids chose to eat the corn off the cob....Eeva tried it due to peer pressure, she of course didn't care for it. Unfortunately Confreda Farm also does a haunted hayride during the evening hours so along with discovering the veggies the kids got to see bloody body parts nailed to trees, a man strapped to an electric chair, a very scary clown and lots of witches! I felt this was inappropriate for the age group that we were with. I will be doing some research and suggesting a different venue for next year's class:) After a lot of questions and a few "Oh Dear!" glances between parents we reached the pumpkin patch. Each child was able to pick one pumpkin to take home. Eeva spent some time jumping over the rows of pumpkins until she spotted the one! She quickly grabbed it from the vine and ran to the wagon to join her friends. The one is proudly displayed on our kitchen counter and every morning she talks about what kind of face she wants to carve into it. It changes daily so it will be interesting to see what she ends up carving.

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