Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaf Rubbing

On Wednesday's after putting Eeva-liisa on the bus it's just me and the boys; Ian, Everett and baby Harrison. I enjoy our time together very much. Ian is really getting into the fingerplays, stories and artisitic activities that make up the program. Sometimes I underestimate his ability to remember and recite the verses, he has surprised me many times over the past couple weeks when I over hear him teaching a verse or fingerplay to his sister. I'm a firm believer that the age of 3 is more difficult then the all so famous "terrible twos" but I'm also seeing that it is a year of big acheivements and wonderful little surprises. At least thats what I tell myself when Ian is having a meltdown:)......So while the younger two were napping Ian and I did some leaf rubbings and talked about the leaves and which tree we thought they came from. He thought it was "weird"(his word) that leaves have veins just like people do. Towards the end of our artisitic session Ian decided it would be cooler to build a house out of the beeswax crayons instead. He's such a boy!

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