Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun with Walnuts & New Monkey Bars

How many things can you do with walnuts? Well today we put that question to the test....1st we tossed walnuts into a bowl(Ian has pretty good aim), then I hid the walnuts in the living room and we had a walnut hunt, we counted all the walnuts in the basket and then we spelt Ian's name out with walnuts (sorry Everett & Harrison...too many letters in your names and not enough nuts:)!)Uncle Pete came this afternoon and put up the new monkey bars(new to us anyway) Thanks Pepere for the find and Uncle Pete for the assembly. Eeva-Liisa has already mastered the bars..she was very proud of herself!We have about 20 blueberry bushes that we have planted over the last 3 years and today during our nature walk we discovered the last blueberry of the summer. After a careful process of elimination Ian decided he would be the one to eat it. He listed many reasons.....others didn't have teeth, spit blueberries on the floor from their high chairs, were not present due to conflicting schedules(aka school). He feels he made the right decision:)

 Another summer has past...I hope you have happy sunshine filled memories to carry you through the cold winter, I know I do! Take Care and Have a wonderful holiday weekend ~ Angela
P.S Thanks for your patience while reading my posts....I'm very new at this and can't seem to figure out how to line my text up with the picture it is about. I hoping to improve:)

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