Friday, September 18, 2009

Handmade Treasures

In my kitchen there are 5 new hooks on a closet door and on those hooks there hangs 5 beautiful, colorful handmade aprons; a color for each day at The Nest.You see, young children have difficulty remembering Monday is baking day and Tuesday is painting day, etc. but they do understand that if I'm wearing the red apron when they arrive we are going to be painting today or if they help set the table with the green placemats we will be making a craft later in the afternoon.This is all part of the rhythm I strive to offer the children. The rhythm gives the children peace in knowing what to expect during the day, they feel more secure and are able to relax and play.
 Earlier this year I met the crafty lady who is credited for these wonderful handmade treasures that make The Nest feel more home-like. Her name is Maryann and she celebrated a birthday this week. I hope she had a wonderful day and I want her to know how much I appreciate her kindness and how I wish I had her talent for sewing.

Happy Belated Birthday Maryann!

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  1. Thanks Angie!
    I love the pictures.
    One of my favorite quotes for parents of young children is:

    Childhood should be a journey not a race.