Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Florio Family's 1st Day

Menu :
Breakfast ~ scrambled eggs
AM snack ~ fruit & graham crackers
Lunch ~ Annie's Mac-n-cheese w/ carrot sticks
PM snack ~ Veggies & yogurt dip

A cool morning with the feeling of Fall in the air. Eeva was off to school and the boys and I waited for our new friends to arrive. Bella arrived with sparkles & a smile. She made her self at home with some puzzles and we watched for the "baby". Bella was very excited when Harrison arrived:) With our morning friends present we began our day with Circle. Our theme this week is "Family". We learned a few fingerplays and I told the children the story of Naughty Little Gold Finger. Bella was a little hesitant to join in but after a few songs she made her way closer to the other children sitting in circle, and by snack time she seemed very comfortable. Ian & Bella colored pictures of their families and we talked about their siblings and what they liked to do as a family. After snack Ian & Bella were great helpers; Ian washed and Bella dried the dishes. The kitchen was clean so we headed outside for our morning nature walk. Uncle Pete has just made us a new path that I'm able to push the stroller down so now the young boys can enjoy the ride while the older ones take a romp in the forest. We head to elephant foot (a birch tree growing on top of a rock) where Ian has a favorite stick. We "look", "listen", "smell" & "feel". The wind was making the leaves and branches dance above us. We made our way to the front of the house to wait for the school bus. The bus was late again but thankfully Bella loves to push stollers...she rocked Harrison to sleep for me:) Matthew & Eeva-Liisa arrived and proclaimed their hunger so we headed inside for lunch and conversation. Matthew couldn't decide what to play with first, he settled down near the tree house and was later joined by everyone. Lunch was served and everyone ate well. Harrison enjoyed the conversation from his spot in the jumper. I looked for some help with the clean-up but my helpers couldn't resist the calling of toys & friends, maybe next week:) We assigned nap sack colors and settled in for some stories. Eeva pick Little Red Riding Hood, Matthew picked Three Pebbles and a Song and Ian picked Machines at Work. Bella was content with letting the others pick. It took everyone a little while to relax but they all did nap, which gave me a chance to make snack & pick up the kitchen. Harrison was the first to wake from nap time and he enjoyed his carrots & bottle while the rest of the crew slept.
After Harrison finished his carrots I let him play with his spoon, his hand coordination is really improving. He loves to gaze up at the windchime hanging above the highchair. My Memere past away this past June and the windchime was hers....I let the children ring it once and a while and we say that the beautiful sounds coming from the chimes is Memere blowing us kisses from heaven. Eeva, Ian, Everett & Harrison were 4 of her 7 great-grandchildren and she adored them. I never want them to forget who she was and how much she cared for them:)
Nick arrived off the bus at 3:30 and we had the chance to meet for the first time. He was very excited to see the toys that his brother & sister had told him so much about. The kids enjoyed showing him the way to the downstairs playroom where we hung out for a while and then it was time to head back outside. We took another Nature Walk and then played in the sandbox and on the playscape. It was a good day and my first time caring for 7 children at once.....I think I past the test :) There are a few things I would like to work on; transition times (moving from one activity to another), Ian's ability to share with others & including the babies in more of the hands-on activities. I hope the Florio's enjoyed their first day at The was a pleasure to have them join us:)
Take Care ~ Angela

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