Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My New Adventure

The Nest officially opens on September 1st and I'm very excited. The house is almost ready to be filled with children and the wonderful noises they make while content and playing. I just need to finish up a few things to make our days run smooth. Ms. Nichole has put together a delicious (& nutritious, don't tell the kids) menu that I hope everyone enjoys. Ms. Amy from Music Together will join us on September 17th for our first Music & Movement class.
Our theme for the first week is Squirrels & Nuts, Preparation. We will be learning all about the different kinds of nuts, how they differ, where they come, etc. We will also try our hand at making some nut butter. The Squirrel will be the star of the show this week; he will be in the stories we read, the fingerplays we learn and hopefully we will get the chance to observe some of our own backyard squirrels during our nature walks.
The program that I plan to use for The Nest also has something for the caregiver as well as the children. It's called a reflection or meditation. The first week's refection is Preparation. I found this to be so fitting for the first week of my new adventure. I share the weeks reflection with you because I feel as parents we all need a moment to take a breath and prepare for the next step. The creator of the program shares this :
" Taking time to evaluate our current situation and to prepare for upcoming events can save us a lot of time & energy. Our lives are so full it is often hard to find the time to think ahead." She asks us to sit each day for 15 min ( I know, try to find the time) in silence focusing on the present moment. Be at peace with where you are in life. After the 15 min has past take out a piece of paper and write down a simple list of areas in your life that would be wise to prepare for in the upcoming year.
"If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first hour sharpening the ax"
~ Abraham Lincoln
Take care ~ Angela

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