Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ian Mitchell

Ian is 3 and our middle child. He has eyes the color of milk chocolate and the thickest hair I have ever seen on a toddler. If Ian was a sparrow man his talent would be tinkering. He loves tools (especially wrenches) and enjoys taking things apart. Where there is buttons or knobs, screws or bolts Ian is there and will play forever. A visual learner, Ian only has to watch you do something once and he can repeat the tasks.Ian is a wanderer and goes at his own pace, you can't slow him down or make him pick up the pace, he does things his way only and any requests for something different falls on a deaf ear. A slightly rough child who doesn't seem to know his own strength with one volume level(slightly louder then you would like) who has a heart of gold that he wears on his sleeve. If Ian loves you he will shower you with hugs,kisses and kind words, if you have made him angry you will know it. We joke that Ian is responsible for a few couples we know deciding to have more children because he went through this stage where he would hug me and tell me "he loved me all the way to the moon and back...all in one day:) "All mothers who were witness to this would sigh and coo about how sweet he was. A perfect day for Ian would be waffles for breakfast, a morning spent in his sandbox (with lots of dump trucks, cement mixers, tractors, garbage trucks & school buses driving by the house), a trip to Friendly's for lunch (grill cheese & apple sauce), the afternoon at the beach playing on the rocks and in the mud (must stop and see the smelly fishing boats on the way to the sand) and then to be able to come back home and tell his Pepere all about his adventures. Pepere calls Ian "buddy" and it is more than a nickname, the two of them are inseparable. If you ask Ian what he wants to be when he grows up he will tell you either a farmer or a dentist. I hope he picks a career where he can use his hands & his heart.
~construction vehicles
~playdoh (he makes a great snake)
~cows, chickens, ducks
~being outside
~ being in a confined space(ex. carseat,carriage)
~sharing with his sister
~being told to be careful

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