Thursday, August 27, 2009


Everett is our youngest and just turned ONE this month. We call him "little one" ever since his godmother bought him the book Little One Step by Simon James. It's a wonderful story about three ducklings. All 3 kids love to hear it read. As a mother I really don't have a favorite child, I love them all equally and differently. So when I say there is something special about Everett, please don't think of me as an awful mother. Since the moment he was born he has had this presence. Some might call it "charisma" or an "old soul",I haven't found a word to describe it yet. He can light up a room and I find people are attracted to him everywhere we go:) Family members say things like " all your kids are cute but there is just something about Everett"

His legs that were once wobbly are now steady and I expect the "first steps" to happen any day now. He finally has three(really big) teeth and we have moved him to more adult food. I still haven't taken away the bottle.....please remember he's the baby:) He simply adores his older siblings and the relationship he has formed with the two of them is just beautiful. While watching the three of them together you can see the need on Everett's face to be with them, and do what they are doing. Sometimes this causes major sibling battles but for the most part the older two seem to understand him. He might be the youngest & the smallest but he has no idea he is. Everett doesn't think twice about grabbing a toy from his older brother or trying to knock over his big sister. He also loves to climb....all he needs is a place to grab and he pulls himself up onto chairs,couches,hearths, picnic tables & even an end table(he found a nice place under the lamp shade). When he finally makes it to the top ,he turns around,sits & gives the hugest grin. So proud of his accomplishment! Everett loves to be outdoors and will spend hours in the swing just watching the clouds & his siblings. He will definitely be the loudest and the most talkative of our bunch. He never stops babbling..I so wish I knew what he was saying:) Everett has become attached to a green silk blanket and loves to nap with it. Some days I joke that he is Rip Van Winkle, I know how many hours an infant is suppose to sleep but really..when is it too much? His personality is just starting to emerge and I look forward to watching who he becomes.

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