Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here is Eeva-Liisa! She is 5 1/2 and the oldest of our three.
~ the ocean
~wearing dresses and fancy shoes
~Princesses,Fairies & Butterflies
~Baby dolls (she will make a great mother someday)
~ Books (thinks the best part about Kindergarten is that she will learn how to read)
~ Arts-n-Crafts (painting & using scissors)
~ Story Telling
~ Vegetables (especially peppers)
~ saying goodbye
~ Sharing with her brothers:)
~ Getting out of the pool
Some days Eeva-Liisa is gentle & quiet. Other days she is surrounded by drama and puts forth so much attitude that you would think she is 15 instead of 5. Eeva likes to be busy but she also plays very well by herself. I think Eeva has a wonderful imagination; at the age of 3 she announced she had a pet caterpillar(he came from her belly button). The caterpillar would change color daily and went everywhere with her. If she needed to do a task (ex. eat, wash her hands,etc) she would ask you to hold him. Lets remember that he's imaginary! It really use to catch people off guard.Unfortunately the caterpillar was tragically lost at the grocery store, she searched for him for months every time we would go shopping.(picture a 3 year old yelling, loudly, for "caterpillar" up & down the isles .)I thought the memory of the caterpillar was lost but when we stopped going to the Stop-n-Shop in Putman(the scene of his tragic departure) because the new store opened in Dayville(much closer) she mentioned that she never did find her caterpillar:( Eeva loves to help with tasks & projects. She is a very visual learner and if she is interested in something she has an amazing attention span. (how many of us could watch a Barbie movie more than once?) She will start Kindergarten in 5 days and I'm having some ambivalent feelings. I so want her to experience everything but I'm struggling with letting her out into the world, away from the nest so to speak:) As we all know sometimes this world of ours is not such a nice place. She will get on that bus Monday morning and never look back...which is probably best(I wouldn't want her to see me cry). Oh if you are wondering how she got such an unusual name, she is named after my husband's great aunt who lives in Finland. Those Finns love their vowels!

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