Friday, January 29, 2010

Monday is Baking Day

Young children are very comforted by rhythmical activites. A day in The Nest has a rhythm all its own, created by myself and the children attending the program. There is a daily, weekly and yearly rhythm. The weekly rythm is formed by having a special activity for each day.....and Monday is Baking Day. Sometimes we make corn or banana bread , sometimes we make sugar cookies! But most of the time we bake bread! This week we made a simple white bread. Bella & Ian take turns measuring & adding the ingredients. Everett watches from the sidelines, soon he will be able to help too:) We set the dough to rise while we take our nature walk and come back inside to form our dinner rolls. Each child works their own piece of dough, adding special hidden treats like raisins & sunflower seeds. Then they make dough snakes and form the letter of their first name to mark which roll is theirs. We let the the rolls rise one more time and then it's time to place them in the oven! I love the smell of bread baking!

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