Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thankful Tree 2009

During the month of November in the middle of my dining room table stood a branch in a vase. Next to the vase was a small bowl filled with paper leaves. Each morning the children and I would take a leaf and write something we were thankful for. Then we would hang the leaf upon the branch. Day by day our little branch became our "Tree of Thanks". Some leaves were funny, some were very sweet, some were so typical of a 3 year old, some show the maturity of my young children, but all of them were true & from the heart.

I'm thankful for............

"cupcakes"  ~ Matthew
"the sun" ~ Eeva-Liisa
"Ms. Angela" ~ Bella
"when Nanook turns on Noggin for me" ~ Ian
"new friends at school" ~ Eeva-Liisa
"nature" ~ Eeva-Liisa
"the plants that grew in our garden" ~ Ian
"Echo" (our new dog) ~ Eeva-Liisa
"Mommy & Daddy" ~ Ian
"Diapers" ~ Mommy
"diggers" ~ Ian
"nice books" ~ Eeva-Liisa
"the poetry fairy" ~ Ian
" the toys in the playroom" ~ Matthew
"apples" ~ Bella
"that Pepere blew all the leaves into big piles" ~ Ian (mommy agrees)

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